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How games engage the brain

Fun Inc book In a TED video released today, author Tom Chatfield presents seven ways in which games engage the brain. [read more ]

Michael Wright aka Mrags Writer presents the "Portrait Virus" at SIGGRAPH 2010

Michael Wright aka Mrags Writer is presenting his “Portrait Virus Project ” in the Studio of the SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference in Los Angeles from July 25 thru July 29. Wright will create Portraits of attendees to form a gallery of images printed, projected, blogged at and placed in his Castle Gallery in second life at the I, Be, Am sim.

Mobile Video's Next Wave - The iPhone 4 and iMovie

New post at Keene on Tech about the leap in video quality on the iPhone 4 which now shoots 720p HD 30fps. Along with iMovie, its a mobile video powerhouse in your pocket.

Local culture and innovation

Finbarr Bradley


The closing keynote at our recent Symposium on Creative Thinking was given by Prof. Finbarr Bradley, who has many years experience working with global companies as well as championing local innovation and the irish language. Finbarr is an engaging speaker, filled with enthusiasm and real passion so we were pleased to give him scope to explore the issue of how valuable cultural differentiation and local context can be in fostering innovation as a challenge to the relentless pressures on universities to become more and more like each other in climbing up international league tables.  Note that the first few sentences are in Gaeilge (the Irish language), but it soon switches to English! 

A City of Ideas

Phew! Well we just recovered from the 8th Galway Symposium on Higher Education, this year focused on creativity. The keynote presentations were all recorded and will appear online soon, but in addition to these we had pecha-kucha sessions which went down very well with participants and the audience and even had a mad surge of energy to run the first ever TEDxGalway event one hour after the Symposium ended. Same venue, fresh batch of speakers, new audience and quick change to backdrops and registration desk and voila!  Why do we do this?

The USB typewriter

USB typewriter Those of us who finished high school before 1990 remember using a device called a typewriter. There are ways to connect a typewriter to a computer for use as a keyboard. [read more ]

Michael Wright (aka. Mrags Writer) is presenting his “Virtual World Project 09: Anarchy City” at The New Media Consortium Su

Michael Wright (aka. Mrags Writer) is presenting his “Virtual World Project 09: Anarchy City” at The New Media Consortium Summer Conference Interactive Sessions , to be held June 9-12 in Anaheim, California  hosted by the University of Southern California . This is the third year in a row that Wright’s project was chosen to be featured as part of the interactive showcase presented Thursday, June 10.The NMC Interactive sessions are designed to showcase current research, projects, and programs taking place at innovative institutions across the country.

iPad review Pt.1: Flash rant

html5 The first installment of a review of the iPad. I had to get a rant about Apple and Flash out of my system [read more ]

Seven Apps that Apple Should Buy

Here are a handful of applications that Apple might do well to acquire and roll into their OS or other software offerings. See what you think over at Keene on Tech.

MapProjector - Maps from your iPad to TV or Projector

MapProjector iPad app lets you project maps using a projector or TV. Quick Look post at Keene on Tech.

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