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Mobile Video's Next Wave - The iPhone 4 and iMovie

New post at Keene on Tech about the leap in video quality on the iPhone 4 which now shoots 720p HD 30fps. Along with iMovie, its a mobile video powerhouse in your pocket.

Seven Apps that Apple Should Buy

Here are a handful of applications that Apple might do well to acquire and roll into their OS or other software offerings. See what you think over at Keene on Tech.

MapProjector - Maps from your iPad to TV or Projector

MapProjector iPad app lets you project maps using a projector or TV. Quick Look post at Keene on Tech.

Being Your Own Big Brother - An Emerging Trend

New Keene on Tech post highlights recent work done around personal data collection and its rising popularity as it becomes (slightly) more mainstream.

Is the Future of Personal Computing Curated?

New Keene on Tech post about recent discussions regarding curated computing.

Mapping Tools 2 Minute Survey Results posted

The results of NMC's last 2 Minute Survey about Mapping Tools is now posted. Please visit to see the findings. Thanks to all of those who participated. More will be forthcoming!

Exhibit A: The Museum of London’s Streetmuseum

New post at Keene on Tech with a bit about the Museum of London's new iPhone augmented reality app StreetMuseum. Very cool use of archived images superimposed on present day locations.

E-readers missing killer feature…and a solution

New post at the new Keene on Tech blog about issues of annotating e-books and a solution for iPad and iPhone users.

New Post - Staying Focused in an Age of Distractions

Pay attention dear readers! There is a new post about staying focused in this age of distractions...

Apple's iPad - The Ultimate Field Science Tool?

The iPad may find an unintended use for field scientists who need a capable device away from the lecture halls. Read on to see how it might fit this niche like a glove.