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New Media Faculty Seminar: Fall 2010 Week 8

Gulp. this podcast is being posted a week late. Would you believe the dog ate my podcast? No, nor would I.

New Media Faculty Seminar: Fall 2010 Week 5

It will ring of bad excuses, but both Gardner and I have had extensive travel schedules and missed a week's podcast, but the networked seminar hums on fine without us (see the action in the netvibes portal). I had a round the world series of meetings that took me from the west coast to Australia and New Zealand, but my next leg of the trip was to Barcelona Spain for the 2010 Open EdTech meeting, and Gardner was part of that, so we did an "in person" podcast.

NMC 2009 Summer Conference Social Media Recap

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2009 nmc summer conference
Since it is already a week in the rear view mirror, this ought to be my last post about the 2009 NMC Summer Conference. Heck, it's time to start thinking about 2010.

However I wanted to record, primarily for my own sake, while fresh in my mind a recap of the social media tools we used (and other related factors) for our conference. I resisted using the title of "report card" ;-)

Participant View of the 2009 NMC Summer Conference

As part of the array of social media tools used at the 2009 NMC Summer Conference, we asked conference attendees who had any sort of personal video recording device (Flip, cell phone, hand held) to share clips of the conference activity. We provided a site to collect the videos, which were edited into the short feature below.

Included is footage of the Point Lobois Photo workshop, the Web 2.0 Digital Storytelling Pre-Conference workshop, scenes around Monterey, and impromptu comments from attendees.

Sorry, the flash media seems to not available.

Welcome New Members Who Joined in April 2009!

Please take a moment to welcome the new members who joined the NMC in April 2009!

 Also to join in the month of April was a new Distinguished Corporate Partner!

NMC Annual Member Organization Survey Under Way

All NMC Directors  have been invited to complete the annual survey of our member organizations in which we use to both benchmark the types of organizations in NMC but also collect data on their use and development of new media, plus provide broader results for the field of New Media.

The survey will run through the end of May 2009 and preliminary results will be shared with the NMC Community. The public results should be published to our web site by the end of June, 2009.

Our survey instrument, Zoomerang, provides some new features for open surveys to dynamically display current results via web widgets, so below is a peek into the current data (at this time, 18 organizations have completed their surveys). This information will automatically update as surveys are completed.

April 2009 Update

Currently, the NMC is preparing an addendum to the original Maximizing Campus Impact paper. We are seeking input from the NMC community. Our source material is linked from this page; please review any or all of it and add your comments. There are several ways to contribute:

The paper will be prepared and released prior to the 2009 NMC Summer Conference. We will be collecting suggestions and comments through May 15, 2009.

Video Published of NMC Presentation at Program for the Future

In early December, we were invited to present The Story of the NMC: A Networked Improvement Community for the Program for the Future conference that was held to honor the work and vision of Doug Engelbart. Previously we published our own audio recording set to the rotating images displayed during the 20 minute presentation, but we just got word from the conference organizers that a video was available as well:

Stay in touch with the work of this organization at

Connect@NMC: Social Bookmarking 2.0 with diigo

diigo home page

Calling what it offers as Social Bookmarking 2.0, diigo is a free tool that features a wide range of research and collaboration tools of interest for educators. Join us Wednesday, January 14, 2008 at 9:00AM Pacific Time (check for local time) when we talk to diigo co-founder and Vice President Maggie Tsai who will share the features diigo offers for teachers and students, and give us some clues about what may be coming in terms of new features.

See the archived recording from this session or listen to an audio recording (20 Mb MP3) of the first third that contains Maggie's demo.

The Story of the NMC: A Networked Improvement Community

This video includes the background images and recorded audio of an NMC presentation at the Program for the Future event, December 8, 2008, held to honor to innovation of Doug Engelbart on the 40th anniversary of the Mother of All Demos.  Larry Johnson, Rachel Smith, and Alan Levine were invited to share how the NMC is an example of what Engelbart described as a "networked improvement community" that he forecast as necessary to deal with complex problems.

The Program for the Future event was designed to further Engelbart's ideas of Collective Intelligence, which was featured on the four to five year horizon of the 2008 NMC Horizon Report-- see

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