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New Media & Learning Initiative

Connect@NMC: Carl Berger on Values and Social Networking

How accurate are the "stereotypes" for youths, students, seniors and what are the pitfalls of believing them too much? Wha can we learn from the inspiring exceptions?

Join us for this discussion with Dr. Carl Berger, NMC Fellow, when he shares his experience leading a class at an active senior community's computer club of 400 or so members. The class was on Facebook and Twitter with a bit of Flickr thrown in, with sessions usually lasting about an hour and a half but this one in particular went three hours. The classes are hands-on for those that bring devices and observation for the rest that squeeze in and/or sit/stand around the edges for the large classroom. The age of participants range from 50-90 years old, with most in the 60-70 range.

Introduction to the New Media Faculty Seminar

Starting the week of January 25, 2010, Gardner Campbell, NMC Board member and Director of the Academy of Teaching and Learning at Baylor University, is leading New Media as a Platform for Integrative Learning: A Faculty Development Seminar -- a 12 week faculty seminar at Baylor.

In this podcast, Gardner talks about the design and plan for the seminar, which is modeled after his undergraduate New Media Studies class. But what is exciting for us, is that this seminar is going to have a participation component for the NMC community. The seminars at Baylor will take place every Tuesday afternoon, and each Monday before that, we will publish a recording where Gardner will summarize what has happened the week before and let us know what this week's seminar will cover.

Symposium Teaser Video

As part of the promotion of the Symposium, we created this video to spread the word and ask the question, "What is Our Future?"

But let's do more than just watch the future. Go to YouTube and reply in video form with your own ideas about our future... because it is what we make it.

Connect@NMC: Michael Wesch and Digital Ethnography

Michael Wesch

We have lined up Dr Michael Wesch of Kansas State University for a Connect@NMC session scheduled for April 23, 2009 at 12:45PM Pacific Time (check your local time). 

You may be familiar with Michael's wildly popular YouTube videos, but he will join us along with the students who are in his current research class to share their latest bits of social media research and to share their approach for creating these projects. The working title for this year's Digital Ethnography project is “The Fight for Significance in the Age of the Microcelebrity: Anonymity, Anonymous, Smart Mobs, Mad Mobs, Bot Mobs and the Great American Poets” (learn more...)

Connect@NMC: Howard Rheingold and the Social Media Classroom

rheingold connect splash

Join us for a very special and exciting Connect@NMC session when Howard Rheingold visits us to share about his newest project, the Social Media Classroom. Author of SmartMobs, speaker on participatory media, and long time educator, Howard likely needs no introduction for NMC followers.

In his last connection with NMC, in a keynote presented in Second Life for the 2007 NMC Symposium on the Evolution of Communication, Howard presented an early glimpse into his concept of a Social Media Classroom (see it again at Co-Evolution of Technology, Media and Collective Action).

Collaboration in the Cloud with Acrobat and

a free online seminar from NMC!

Seminar Host: Robert McDaniels, Adobe Systems, Inc
When: November 19, 2008 11:00am-1:00pm PT (check for local time)
Where: NMC Connect Seminar Room (URL provided after registering below)

Into the Breach

Cover of Into the Breach This paper, produced as part of the NMC's Digital Education Project for Texas Art Museums, documents the sad state in which arts education finds itself; shines a light of hope on that picture; and makes recommendations that arts-focused institutions and their donor communities can use to help make a difference in keeping a love for the arts alive across the state.

Download Into the Breach (384k, 20 pp) Creative Commons license; some rights reserved
downloads as of January 01 1970

That partnership, which falls under the umbrella of the NMC's Digital Media and Learning Initiative, has help us to continue to support the Pachyderm Project, to strengthen our longstanding collaborations with the Digital Storytelling Institute, Hippasus, and other organizations, and to better understand the pedagogy and power of story when coupled with digital media.

Howard Rheingold's Technosocial Koan

Howard Rheingold continues to explore new forms of media expression in his new Vlog site including this new video, Rheingoldian mashup: A Technosocial Koan, 1977-2008

Howard Rheingold vlog screenshot

An experiment: This brief video mashes up remarks I made in previous episodes to convey a meta-message: From The Martian Report (1977) to The WELL(1989) to TED (2005) to the New Media Consortium (2007) to Jim Lehrer’s 2008 Newshour documentary, By The People, to my recent remarks to the Korean people.

What Would Herman Melville Say to Soulja Boy?: Remix Culture and the New Media

Closing Keynote, 2008 NMC Summer Conference, Princeton University
Henry Jenkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

New media technologies make it easy for us to circulate, appropriate, transform, and recirculate media content on an unprecedented scale. It is part of the mythology of MIT that young people learn to become engineers by taking apart household gadgets and putting them back together again. Can we say the same thing about contemporary artists and humanists — that they learn by breaking down and remixing elements of their own culture? We falsify the creative process when we teach young people that great art comes from single and isolated intellects rather than emerging from the creative engagement with and appropriation from older cultural traditions.

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