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2010 Horizon Report Featured this Week on Brazil's CBN Radio Show

NMC Emeritus Board Member Jean Paul Jacob shared with us that during this week, senior journalist Ethevaldo Siqueira is discussing the 2010 NMC Horizon Report  on Brazil's CBN radio show.

CBN Radio Show

Introduction to the New Media Faculty Seminar

Starting the week of January 25, 2010, Gardner Campbell, NMC Board member and Director of the Academy of Teaching and Learning at Baylor University, is leading New Media as a Platform for Integrative Learning: A Faculty Development Seminar -- a 12 week faculty seminar at Baylor.

In this podcast, Gardner talks about the design and plan for the seminar, which is modeled after his undergraduate New Media Studies class. But what is exciting for us, is that this seminar is going to have a participation component for the NMC community. The seminars at Baylor will take place every Tuesday afternoon, and each Monday before that, we will publish a recording where Gardner will summarize what has happened the week before and let us know what this week's seminar will cover.

Results of the Two Minute Survey on Digital Cameras and Photo Sharing

digital camerasIt was pretty close to the time of year last month when many of you were heading out for the holidays, so you may have missed the results of our December 2009 Two Minute Survey on Digital Cameras and Photosharing that were posted before the holidays. Given the popularity of modern cameras, we expect quite a few people might be using new ones on 2010!

(image credit: Flickr CC Licensed Photo by Burnt Pixel)

NMC 101

NMC 1010

Welcome to class. In this serialized online publication, we will be adding weekly new guides, how tos, and "where the heck is that thing on the web site" tips for getting the most of out the NMC, whether you are from a member organization or a fan of what we do.

If you cannot find an answer here, just contact us and we will be glad to help you out.

NMC Cool Technology

Cool Welcome to Cool. The place at NMC where we share the cool technologies we are looking at right now. And you can be part of it. You can be cool.
flickr photo shared by Duncan H

See below for the latest cool stuff, and look to the right sidebar for how you can become part of the cool crowd.

It could not be easier to share things. And you will be so cool for doing so.

NMC Web Archaeologists Unearth Our Web Site History

NMC Logo 1.0 Armed with only the crudest of tools, our NMC Archaeology Team has been sifting the far reaches of the office file server and the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to compile as complete a history of the NMC web site as modern web science would allow. Or that we had time to do!

You can find the full findings at

The main stratigraphic horizons we have been able to preserve on our own servers include:

Your Two Minutes on our Survey Tell Us Where You Are in Social Media

Social media Band Wagon!Last week we opened our most recent Two Minute Survey where we wanted to know about the social media spaces you focus on and preferences for getting information from NMC.   (image credit: Flickr CC Licensed Photo by Matt Hamm)

What is the Future?

We can tell you something about the very near future (October 27-29, 2009), when we invite you to take the longer view during the 2009 NMC Symposium on the Future.... here is our new video teaser for this event

How should we make this future?

Talking with Tom Bray About an Emmy, Animation, and NMC History

While in Monterey for the 2009 NMC Summer Conference, we had the opportunity to video a short interview with  Tom Bray (of the University of Michgan Digital Media Commons), who has been active in the NMC from the very beginning of the organization.

Tom and his colleagues Katherine Weider (Art & Design), Dan Fessahazion (Digital Media Commons) and Zack Jacobsen-Weaver (Art & Design) had won a 2009 Michigan Emmy Award in "Advanced Media Arts/Entertainment" for their work on the Animation Station, a fascinating portable studio that allows anyone to creation stop-motion digital videoanimation using real objects and markers.

NMC 2009 Summer Conference Social Media Recap

originally blogged at

2009 nmc summer conference
Since it is already a week in the rear view mirror, this ought to be my last post about the 2009 NMC Summer Conference. Heck, it's time to start thinking about 2010.

However I wanted to record, primarily for my own sake, while fresh in my mind a recap of the social media tools we used (and other related factors) for our conference. I resisted using the title of "report card" ;-)

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