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New Media Faculty Seminar Week 3

For the next in our series of podcasts with Gardner Campbell, we catch up on the in-person discussions of participants in the Baylor University  Faculty Development Seminar: New Media as a Platform for Integrative Learning.

This week's topics covered Human-Computer Interaction as outlined in J.C.R. Licklider's Man-Computer Symbiosis (pp 74-81 in The New Media Reader, also found online). The Baylor participants approached LIcklider's ideas form several different angles, including a biologist suggestion that mutalism might be a better metaphor than symbiosis, as well as active discussions on advances in computer interfaces, such as gesture interfaces. Gardner also brought in the lighter element of the scene in Star Trek IV when Scotty tried to speak to a 1984 computer by using the mouse as a microphone.

Gardner also described an activity his group did. They each have 5th generation iPod Nanos, and they worked in pairs to video record each other reading and discussing a passage in this week's readings. We hope to have some of these available soon online on YouTube, and are hoping that some of the remote participants might try responding in video form.

The reading for the upcoming week is Doug Engelbart's "Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework" (pp 93-108 in The New Media Reader, also found online), which will lead to the powerful notions of collective intelligence--- Gardner notes that this reading gets a bit technical, but wants you to stay with it.

For our remote seminar participants, Gardner is inviting you to partner with the Baylor participants to sign up as a virtual facilitator for an upcoming session- this means helping to shape the notes and suggest related media to go along with the future readings. You should be able to sign up soon at the course wiki.

And there is a nice flow of communication happening at the seminar forum .