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New Media Faculty Seminar: Fall 2010 Week 1

This week is the opening meeting of the New Media Faculty Seminar for participants at Baylor University (as well as other groups forming at other institutions-- see the Networked Seminar Directory. In this podcast, we talk again with Gardner Campbell about the seminar and what will happen in this first meetup.

The readings for this seminar are from the New Media Reader (since the seminar is based around key essays, Gardner most strongly states "the textbook is required" -- you can purchase it for less than $40 on Amazon). Because many of you may not have the book yet, most of the readings this week can also be found online.

For the launch of the seminar, the first reading is from the preface to the New Media Reader -- Inventing the Media, by Janet Murray (excerpt available as PDF). 

For networked participants, please join the online discussion forum, introduce yourself, and as you read Murray's opening that aims to balance the "Humanist" and "Engineering" perspectives of the authors featured in the the New Media Reader , take some time to share your reflections on the forum and/or via twitter (use the #nmfs10 hash tag, please!).

The group at Baylor will also be viewing the "classic" video on Web 2.0 and education-- Michael Wesch's ground breaking YouTube video, Web 2.0: The Machine is Us/ing Us