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New Media Faculty Seminar: Fall 2010 Week 2

The start of this round of the New Media Faculty Seminar is off to a great start. For Fall of 2010, ring leader Gardner Campbell is calling it Awakening the Digital Imagination: A Networked Faculty Development Seminar. His seminar group at Baylor University had their first meeting this week. What is new this time around is he has fostered a network of other groups at various locations, following the readings his seminar is doing, holding their own discussions, and then doing some networked sharing of ideas via blogs, tags, tweets, forums, etc.

Already active are local groups at Houston Community College, Tulane University, Case Western Reserve University, University of South Carolina Upstate, St Lawrence University, McLennan Community College, Penn State University, Univesity of Central Florida, Rice University, and the Monterrey Institute of International Studies. Plus there is a list of individual participants (see and join the roster at

In this week's podcast, Gardner shares some highlights from the first gathering of hios seminar at Baylor. "The big difference was... we have done this before." and noted the value of having two grad student fellows amongs the participants, Ashley and Hillary, who were there last year. In the time since, they have become more immersed "in" the networks, becomeing active in blogging, Second Life, twitter. They reported "feeling in the media" --  not just reading about it.

The Baylor group introduced themselves, as it is not uncommon for faculty at a large university to not know colleagues outside of their departments. One piece of the introductions Gardner asked for was one thing to give the group "fair warning"  about. One participant, a film scholar, let the group now he was a fan of horror films, and immediately was connected to a physics professor who had the same affinity.

There are already a few blog posts on the Baylor Mother Blog that are exciting Gardner, such as the opening one by Rob Rogers Musings of a Novice Blogger who reflects on the negativity of the recent online reactions to the proposed Koran burnings and tying it into the upcoming reading (Vannevar Bush on As We May Think). Gardner notes that Bush wrote a rather optimistic essay even with the background of having been part of the team that designed the most powerful and destructive man made weapon.

Gardner then noted the burst of activity for the networked participants (where we then applauded the very fitting "network of networks" we were aiming to create), pointing to signs like the post announcement at the MIIS@Work blog.

The things about this seminar there is no "being behind" or missing an assignment. Groups and individuals can pick their level of participation, so we invite you to start at any time. Please make an account at the NMFS forum and give a shout out or introduction. Tweet out ideas and resources via our tag nmfs10 . Tag relevant resources in delicious with the tag nmfs_10 .

The reading this week is found in the New Media Reader- As We May Think (1945) which can also be found as published in The Atlantic.

Be there!