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ARIS: Creating Mobile Learning Experiences

Conference 2011 NMC Summer Conference
Conference Track Tools and Techniques
Session Mode Hands-on Lab
Session Audience all
Skill Level all
Co-presenters Chris Holden (University of New Mexico), John Martin (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Seann Dikkers (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Chris Blakesley (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Jim Mathews (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
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Session Description

ARIS, an open-source tool that creates mobile games, tours, and interactive stories, uses GPS and QR codes to create media-rich experiences on mobile devices. Players are immersed in a virtual world of interactive characters, items, and media placed in physical space. Presenters will demonstrate two ARIS games: The first teaches Spanish through narrative; the second is a situated documentary that places students in the role of reporter during a riot in the late 60's. Conference participants are invited to join the ARIS design workshop and growing community of designers.


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