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Michael Wright's (aka. Mrags Writer) Virtual World Project 2009: Otis College of Art and Design

Michael Wright aka. Mrags Writer
Professor Digital Media
Virtual World Project 2009
Otis College of Art and Design

The Project: Anarchy City

The goal of the project was to go into second life and create content based on a
Class-developed theme. Three Concepts and Issues Classes consisting of 66 digital media sophomore students participated in this project. The project required team building, out of the box creative thinking, introducing students to working with 3d & 2d virtual tools in real time, working with a budget, working with a deadline and working with a limited amount of building blocks (primitives). All three classes worked on a common theme, an apocalyptic city. Three hours of in-class time and 10 hours of outside of class time were devoted to this project. The project can be viewed in Second Life at IBE AM
(239, 211, 26) through March 2010.